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Ballets Artémis
International Ballet School - Artistic Director Sophie Ponthier
2, avenue Jean Perrin 78330 Fontenay-le-Fleury FRANCE - tel: (+33) 9 81 31 99 25

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Fees and Registration

Download Fees recap (.pdf, in French)Ballet Classes Fees
The fees are per family, i.e. if an adult takes 1h and two children 1h30, then you can directly read 4h instead of adding 1h and twice 1h30 (which is 530 euros less in 2013/2014 for instance)
Download the Ballet School Rules (.pdf, in French)Ballet School Rules
Download Registration Form (.pdf, in French)Registration Form Note: only new students need a registration form, renewals are paperless.
Mandatory uniforms:   regular students (.pdf, in French)Ballet Leotards etc... - amateurs       Intensive yearly programs (.pdf, in French)Ballet Leotards etc... - pre professionnals

Classes take place from September to June (inc.) except during the vacations of Versailles Zone C (i.e. approximately 33 weeks).
Fees are revised annually for regular classes and may be revised and any time for private classes.

Regular (non-private) classes: three possible choices
  • " ticket " for a single 1 hour class, non refundable.
  • " card " for ten 1 hour classe, valid during 3 months, non refundable.
  • Yearly fee for a registered number of hours a week.
All fees must be paid in advance when registering. Some Scholarships might be granted for pre-professionnal programs.
Yearly Fee
A full year is paid in advance, a student missing classes will not be reimboursed. However in certain cases (sickness...), if class sizes permit and with the explicit authorization of the Director, students may exceptionnally join another group to "catch up".
Reimbursement is only possible if the student is forced to quit for one of these three reasons: relocation at more than 30km, professionnal reasons, medical reasons, if the correct justification is provided, and will be done pro-rata remaining time at which the justification is provided.
To help families balance their budgets, payments can be done either:
  • once and for all when registering at the beginning of the school year
  • several checks (maximum 10), all dated with the same registration date, which will be drawn at agreed later dates.
    This is not a subscription, only a payment option.
Documents needed for registration
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the documents mentionned below.
  • A medical certificate less than 3 months old, stating the student is capable of following the classes he/she wants to attend is required for registration and can be asked again at any time of the year.
  • Health Insurance Policy and Liability ("Responsabilité Civile et Dommages Corporels" are required by law and the according certificate is needed.
  • The registration form and School Rules dated and signed by the student if above 18 or his legal representative.

Direct Downloads :

Fees [FR]
School Rules [FR]
Registration Form [FR]

Registration Days 2020-2021
At the studio
Fri. Sep. 4th 2020 5pm-8pm
Forum de la ville / City Town Hall
Sat. Sep. 5th 2020
Classes start
Mon. September 7th 2020
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Ballet Classes Schedule 2020-2021
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Free Trial Class
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Intensive Courses
Summer Intensive
Aug. 27th - 29th 2020
in-person or video
May 2019
Coppelia Ballets Artémis
Artemis Academy
become a professional dancer
June 2017
Cinderella Ballets Artémis
June 2015
Le lac des cygnes Ballets Artémis
Swan Lake
2014 - May - June
Offenbach - Le voyage dans la lune - Les Clefs Lyriques - Orchestre Philarmonique des Yvelines
Offenbach - A Trip To The Moon
2014 May 17th/18th Perray en Yvelines
2014 June 1st Fontenay le Fleury
2014 Oct. 4th/5th Maule
2014 Oct. 19th Epone
Performance 2013
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
Mai 31st & June 1st 2013 Fontenay le Fleury
Performance Dec. 2010
The nutcracker

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