arabesque inclinée
Ballets Artémis
International Ballet School - Artistic Director Sophie Ponthier
2, avenue Jean Perrin 78330 Fontenay-le-Fleury FRANCE - tel: (+33) 1 30 58 30 84

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classical ballet Giselle "L'excellence de la Danse Classique à la Française"
The French Ballet Tradition At Its Best

  • ballets artémis
  • Arabesque inclinée - pas de deux
  • Le plaisir de la danse
  • Eveil corporel et initiation à la danse et Cursus Danse Etudes
  • cursus danse études en horaires aménagés
  • qualité de l'enseignement
  • barre de danse classique
  • Travail de variation
  • tradition de la danse classique
  • attitude à la russe
  • Le Lac des Cygnes
  • La Belle au Bois Dormant
  • Casse Noisette - décembre 2010
  • Casse Noisette

Dear English speakers,

Ballets Artémis is both a Dance Center for amateur leisure from 4yrs old and a Ballet-School for pre-professionnal Dancers aged 10 or above which provides both regular classes and special, individual coaching (for auditions and international Competitions).

Please note that all Ballet Classes can be taught in both French and English.

We cannot at the moment provide you with the online translation of all documents available on this website, therefore, feel free to contact us either by email or phone if you have any questions.

Enjoy Ballet
children from 4yr, teenagers, adults
The pleasure of Dancing for all
  • Pre-Ballet from 4yrs old
  • Ballet Classical Technique from 7yrs old including adults
  • Floor Barre - Body Conditionning
  • Caracter Dance
Pre-Professional Junior Program: "Cursus Danse Etudes"
from 11yrs old to 14yrs old
Cursus Danse Etudes offers talented young dancers the opportunity to combine part time studies with an intensive Ballet syllabus in the afternoons.
  • Ballet Technique
  • Additionnal Dance techniques and workshops
  • Performance opportunities
Artemis Academy Pre-Professional Senior Program
young dancers from 14 to 19yrs old
Full time intensive Ballet Program
  • daily Ballet technique classes including variations and repertoire
  • master classes, workshops...
Private Classes and Coaching
available for all dancers
  • competitions, auditions
  • body conditionning
Intensive courses
At vacation time, open to all.
  • Ballet Technique, Variations, Repertoire, Floor Barre

General information
Ballet Classes Schedule 2019-2020
Costs and registration
Free Trial Class
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Intensive Courses
Winter Vacations :
Feb. 18th - 20th 2020
May 2019
Coppelia Ballets Artémis
Artemis Academy
become a professional dancer
June 2017
Cinderella Ballets Artémis
June 2015
Le lac des cygnes Ballets Artémis
Swan Lake
2014 - May - June
Offenbach - Le voyage dans la lune - Les Clefs Lyriques - Orchestre Philarmonique des Yvelines
Offenbach - A Trip To The Moon
2014 May 17th/18th Perray en Yvelines
2014 June 1st Fontenay le Fleury
2014 Oct. 4th/5th Maule
2014 Oct. 19th Epone
Performance 2013
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
Mai 31st & June 1st 2013 Fontenay le Fleury
Performance Dec. 2010
The nutcracker

Photo Galleries
Sleeping Beauty
The Nutcracker
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Spring Intensive 2008
Offenbach Gala