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Auditions for Year-Round Professional Training Program


Applicants should be between 11 - 19 years of age and have a strong basic classical foundation in relation to their level and age. (10 years old may audition as long as they are age 11 by December). Dancers should audition with the age group that they fall into on the date of the audition.

Please bring to your audition two recent photos, (1st arabesque and tendu a la seconde). Photographs will not be returned.

Girls should wear a solid color leotard and full-length pink tights with ballet slippers.
Pointe work will be asked at the end of the ballet class.
Boys should wear white t-shirts and full-length grey tights.

Acceptance and Enrollment Process

Upon completing an audition, participating students will receive a letter indicating acceptance, wait-list, or non-acceptance within two weeks.
Accepted students will receive an invitation letter along with Enrollment Forms detailing the fees, deadlines, etc.

**For questions regarding the Professional Training Program or the audition process, please email
No phone calls please unless urgent.

Audition Video submission

YouTube or any on-line audition video links should be e-mailed to:

Video/YT submissions should be approximately 12-15 minutes in length and demonstrate barre and center exercises, including adagio, pirouettes, petit allegro and grand allegro. You may also include a classical ballet variation if desired.

For "Classe de perfectionnement - Junior Ballet", in addition of the above requirements, please demonstrate :
fouettés and pointe work for ladies.
grandes pirouettes and tours en l'air for men

At the beginning of the video, you should introduce yourself and state your age, the number of year(s) of ballet/dance study, the number of years of pointe work (if applicable), the name(s) of your current school and teacher(s), and any previous summer intensive programs, festivals and/or international ballet competitions in which you have participated.

The attire should be a black leotard and full length pink tights for ladies and a white shirt and grey tights for men.


Q: What qualifications are necessary to apply to the Artemis Academy Pre-Professional Training Program at Ballets Artemis ?

A: Students must have a strong base in ballet training and the physical prerequisite to sustain the strain of intense professional training. Acceptance to the school is by audition only. All girls entering must be on pointe.

Q: Do you offer housing accommodations for your students ?

A: Ballets Artémis DOES NOT guarantee housing. Upon acceptance the school provides resources to help non-local students find appropriate housing in nearby dormitories, trusted host families, and rental apartments. Out-of-town students should expect to spend (on average) € 500 - € 800 / month for housing as well as an additional € 300/ month for living expenses.

Q: How do the students at the Artemis Academy Pre-Professional Training Programs continue their academic education ?

A: Even if it is not part of Ballets Artemis curriculum, the students at Ballets Artémis are encouraged to continue their education in a variety of ways.
In the past some enrolled at Collège Jean Philippe Rameau and Lycée la Bruyère in Versailles or Collège St Honoré d'Eylau and Lycée Racine in Paris in specific classes "CHAM-CHAD"- mornings only programs.
Lately, we have been advising students to complete their coursework through correspondence with either their home school - CNED or Sport Etudes Paris in the french academic system - or an online school /university.

Some american academic options include:
Laurel Springs (Distance Learning Program for K-12)
University of Nebraska - Lincoln Independent Study High School (Distance Learning Program)
Indiana University High School (Distance Learning Program)
The Keystone School (Online Middle and High School)

Some british academic options include :
Oxford Home Schooling - KS3 HOME SCHOOLING program
WES Education Service

Q: Is there a dress code ?

A: Yes. There is a strict dress code for each level.
Uniforms are available for purchase at Ballets Artémis, and specific uniform information will be provided upon acceptance to the program.

Q: Approximately how many hours per week are students in class ? What do students study ?

A: Students in all levels attend classes 6 days/ week. Total class time per week is as follows:

Cursus Danse Etudes 1 & 2 : 12 -15 hours (This includes daily technique class, as well as Pointe, Character Class, Floor Barre, Music and Dance History.)

Cursus Danse Etudes 3 & 4 : 15 - 18 hours (This includes daily technique class, as well as Variations, Character, Pointe, Floor Barre, Music, Dance History and Modern.)
Artemis Academy : minimum 20 hours, often up to 26 hours (This includes daily technique class as well as Partnering, Variations, Pilates, Character, Pointe, Floor Barre, Music, Dance History and Modern.)

Q: What is the tuition for the year ?

A: Tuition for the academic year is as follows:
Cursus Danse Etudes 1 & 2 : € 2,500
Cursus Danse Etudes 3 & 4 : € 4,000
Artemis Academy : € 8,000

Q: Is financial aid offered ?

A: Yes. Scholarships are awarded based on merit only. All scholarships are awarded at the time of acceptance to the program.

Q: Do students participate in a final gala or performance ?

A: Ballets Artémis does have a major production every two years but select pre-professional students have the opportunity to perform throughout the year both repertory and original choreography by the faculty.

Q: Do students participate in ballet competitions ?

A: Select students are encouraged to participate in various ballet competitions such as Prix Nijinsky, Prix Arabesque, Chausson d'Or, YAGP, Prix de Lausanne, USA IBC and Varna IBC. Specific coaching fees will be then asked and are fully paid by the family.

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